This isn’t a petition to bring back the show.

We don’t need new episodes of Headbanger’s Ball – there are plenty of mediums available if you want metal videos and metal related news. Podcasts and Youtube channels dedicated to metal are a dime a dozen nowadays, and a lot of them are really fucking good.

In fact, bringing the show back in a new format could arguably be a bad thing. I’ve got a piece in the works that will explain the life-cycle pattern of metal news outlets more in depth. Long story short, metal news via television is an outdated medium that’s already worn out it’s welcome in the digital age.

Regardless, this doesn’t take away from the cultural impact of the show. Headbanger’s Ball was the fucking first – they set the goddamn archetype for audio-visual metal news reporting.

Even though you had to wade through a shit-ton of hair metal and radio friendly hard rock a good deal of the time – it was still enough to prevent countless metalheads from making plans on a Saturday night that extended past midnight. Triple Thrash Treat anyone?

And you didn’t just watch the episodes once – oh no. You fucking recorded that shit on VHS and watched it till the fucking tape stretched and warped.

The show is a cultural relic that still has validity today. Metal culture is pretty notorious for it’s tendency to fetishize past glories, and the ball is no exception.

What We’re Doing:

In conjunction with our partner site/group, Metalhead Alliance, we here at Metal Stuff think that the past episodes of Headbanger’s Ball hold enough sub-cultural value to warrant our petition to MTV, Netflix, and HULU.

We can’t do this alone – we need your help. Besides the obvious need for each and every person who wants this to happen to sign and share the petition – we also need a few soldiers to get us some vital information.

We need the contact information (email, preferably) for the PR departments for both Netflix and HULU. MTV is already getting an email every single time someone signs this petition – let’s put a little pressure on.

MTV already has at least one show on Netflix (Shannara Chronicles), so this isn’t as big of a stretch as some people might think.

As far as licensing for the music videos in every episode – yeah, that’s gonna be a bitch. But I think with the position record companies have been in since the advent of the internet, they might be in a position where they’re willing to negotiate.

This would make the show available across the globe.

TL/DR Version:

Sign petition, share petition, potentially get Headbanger’s Ball on Netflix or HULU. If you have emails for the PR departments of HULU and/or Netflix, get ahold of us.

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