*update* apparently, the initial mistake in Dane’s age was made by BOL, who has corrected the error.

OS correction

The web address of the post shows the initial mistake. Apparently this is due to a conflict of information on Wikipedia, where his birth is listed both as 1969 and 1961, but only sourced for 1961



The news broke out this morning (via Brazilian news outlet BOL) that legendary metal singer Warrel Dane died of a heart attack at the age of 56 (some sites are reporting he was 48, ). The singer passed in his sleep in a hotel room in Brazil, where he was recording his second solo album.


The guitarist for Sanctuary (Johnny Moraes) stated that Dane started feeling out of sorts around midnight (the singer’s health was already frail due to a combination of diabetes and alcoholism), and when the heart attack they began doing cardiac massage (guessing that’s a bad translation from Portuguese, and they were really doing CPR). Paramedics were called, but Dane was gone before they arrived.


Admittedly, he wasn’t looking that good lately. I’m guessing Diabetes and alcoholism don’t mix well with staying in Brazil (an area famous for, among other things, it’s delicious sugarcane rum and wild parties).

Holy fuck.

This one hits pretty hard.

The guy had some strange combination of mercury and molten steel running through his veins. Seriously though, he wasn’t just a metalhead – he was a metalhead’s metalhead. That’s about the highest praise I can give someone.

I’d try to put together a greatest hits compilation, but for fucks sake it would include every goddamn song he ever put out. The guy left more excellence coiled in porcelain in the morning than most people exude in their entire lifetime. Seriously.

His vocal ability was eclipsed only by his ability to pen lyrics – the man was a poet.

Fuck, they had just finished the instrumentals for the new Sanctuary album and were getting ready to record vocals. Not to mention gearing up for a tour with Iced Earth to promote it.

Metal lost a legend today. He never compromised, never bowed to trends, and never sold out.

Rest in Peace, Voyager.