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Artist: Theurgia
Album: “Transformation”
Released: August 16Th, 2017
Genre: Black Metal
Members: Daemonae (vox, rhythm guitar), Tevrastvs (bass, backing vocals), Hellbeats (skins), Mortuum P. (lead guitar)

The album was released in PRO-TAPE format by the labels WORSHIP TAPE (Ger) and ESFINGE DE LA CALAVERA (Spa) in DIGIPACK format too, by THROATS PROD. (Mex)

Transformation cover Art

Hailing from Venezuela, Theurgia is a 4-piece that’s been blasting blasphemous blackened symphonies since 2006.

I’ve been listening to black metal for longer than (I would assume) most of my readers have been alive, and I must say these guys are the real deal.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard new black metal I can really sink my teeth into. The album is raw, but still listenable.No frills, no fuss, no modern hipster garbage. Just pure, throat ripping black metal accented by the occasional melancholy overlay. The atmosphere is perfect, it gives you that black metal feeling.

Everything I look for in in black metal these guys have in spades. I particularly enjoyed track 6 (Monotonous Chant) and track 8 (Mea Spíritus in Opium), overall I’d give the album a solid 7.5 out of 10.

Listen to the new album in it’s entirety below and decide for yourself.

And make sure to check Theurgia out on Bandcamp and on Facebook.