The more you think about it – the more it makes sense. Deafheaven is the Nickelback of Black Metal.

Both bands capitalize on “post-music” style movements; Nickelback is considered “post-grunge” while Deafheaven is making waves with the moniker “post-black metal”. Both bands play bland, watered down versions of the genres they emulate – making a “safe” version of transgressive music completely devoid of substance.

N-I-C-K-E-L-B-A-C-K is a 10 letter conjunction of two words from the English language that do not go together.

D-E-A-F-H-E-A-V-E-N is also a 10 letter conjunction of two words from the English language that do not go together.

Nickelback got their name from their lead singer’s first (botched) attempt to buy marijuana (they’ve since recanted this and go by some lame story about working in a coffee shop), and the guys in Deafheaven are the type of people you would charge $50 a gram. Nickelback released this information because they want to seem slightly transgressive while still approachable – which a botched drug deal does quite nicely. Deafheaven’s lead singer tries to give the impression that he’s stoned in every fucking interview for the same reason, a safe version of transgressive behavior.

Both of them have shitty publicists who insist on having them take “edgy” pictures (presumably to endear them to the hard rock/metal fanbases they’re supposed to appeal to)


“Make sure one of you is wearing denim”



Both bands have legions of haters (myself included). I think this is the part where I mention that nobody fucking cares what you listen to, as long as you call a spade a spade. Both of these bands are watered down, palatable versions of what was edgy 10 years before them.


Also, apparently one brave man before me made this connection – and this song is the result.

(these photos were the result of a google search – all credit goes to their original owners)