Seriously though, Phil Anselmo (probably) isn’t racist. All things considered, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he has a rather dark sense of humor.

But you’re talking about a guy who fronted a band┬áthat’s featured the Southern flag pretty prominently in almost every aspect of their image. Two things about this entire incident caught me off guard.

First, that anyone who has any idea who Pantera and Phil Anselmo are could even pretend to be surprised at anything he does. Anything.

Secondly, how much of a turncoat Machine Head’s Robb Flynn is. Seriously though, I understand wanting to distance yourself – an accusation of racism in Metal is one that tends to stick. But Jesus fucking Christ Flynn, have a little integrity and give your friend the benefit of the doubt.

The entire media frenzy about this is literally people finding any excuse to shit on Phil Anselmo because they still blame him for Dimebag’s death. And while there is some merit to that argument, the fact of the matter is that Phil didn’t leave the band because he wanted Dime┬áto die. He left because of artistic differences. It happens all the time. And if Dime hadn’t died, I’m pretty sure there would be zero argument that Phil had a lot more artistic vision than the Abbott brothers.

I mean seriously, you can’t even pretend that Damageplan holds a fucking candle to Down. Dime and Vinny are still cool as fuck, but if you’re being honest and have a family tree that actually branches – there’s only one correct answer here.

Oh and I love machine head, but Robb Flynn give it a fucking break already. You’re beating a dead horse.